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Emotional Health Week, 2024

The Emotional Health Week is a national event that highlights the importance of socio-emotional health in schools, emphasizing its crucial role and impact on the overall development of students. Organized by the InIm Institute, in partnership with School of Health, Puratos Romania, and Bakery School Romania, the event initiates a collective effort to raise awareness of the importance of the need for belonging and well-being in schools. Over the first three editions, it has engaged more than 5,000 teachers, impacting over 125,000 students. The fourth edition of the Emotional Health Week, scheduled for May 27-31, 2024, carries the slogan “Never Alone at School”.

February - The Teacher's Well-being Month

InIm Institute, School of Health, and Finnish Teacher Training Center are organizing the fifth edition of the Teacher’s Well-being Month event in Romania, taking place throughout February 2024. This year, in collaboration with the Finnish Teacher Training Center and the School of Health, we aim to promote well-being in schools across the country, focusing on…

Emotional Health Week Together for Well-Being

Emotional Health Week is a national event that brings forward the importance of socio-emotional health in schools and it is designed to raise awareness of the need for well-being in school. Emotional Health Week’s third edition will occur from June 6 to June 9, 2023, under the motto “Together for Well-Being”.

A Mindful Journey to Well-Being

It is a national program that, through a series of practices and examples provided, helps participants discover a mindful journey to well-being in the classroom. Based on the book The Teacher Within, the program was created to reduce stress, build emotional resilience and discover ways educators can teach with enthusiasm and motivation.

INIM - Luna starii de bine 2023

February – Teacher’s Wellbeing Month

The Transylvania College Foundation and InIm Institute are hosting the fourth annual Teacher Wellness Month this February, a program promoting the positive impact of the benefits of teachers’ emotional health in and out of the classroom in student behavior and academic success.

Learning Together Conference

Through this year’s event, we want to emphasize the importance of belonging in educational environments. We aim to expose the premises that shape and favor belonging in all schools in Romania. Together we can create and deliver concrete, adaptable and easy-to-implement solutions for a sustainable sense of belonging in these environments.

Partner Of The Month

Puratos Romania is part of the international Puratos group, which offers a complete range of innovative products, raw materials, and practical expertise in bakery, pastry, and chocolate industry.


In addition to their objective of providing the highest quality raw materials, Puratos also commits to operate fully as a responsible company, taking concrete action for the planet, communities, product heritage, sourcing, and their employees.


Puratos Romania has established, using exclusively private resources, the Bakery School, a dual system school located in Tartasesti, Dambovita County, which has 24 students in the ninth grade and another 15 students in the tenth grade.


Bakery School is the first dual system school in Romania dedicated to the bakery, pastry, and chocolate industry.

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