February – Teacher’s Well-being Month

February – Teacher’s Well-being Month

InIm Institute, School of Health, and Finnish Teacher Training Center are organizing the fifth edition of the Teacher’s Well-being Month event in Romania, taking place throughout February 2024. This year, in collaboration with the Finnish Teacher Training Center and the School of Health, we aim to promote well-being in schools across the country, focusing on both physical and emotional health—factors that mutually influence each other and strongly impact everyone’s overall well-being.

Well-being in education, the theme of the event

The theme of the event stems from the identified need for well-being in educational environments, as revealed by the Teacher’s Well-being Study in Romania. The study results indicated that 80% of teachers believe their work has no positive effect on their mental health or well-being. Interviews conducted during the study emphasized the necessity of creating communities that foster solidarity, empathy, compassion, appreciation, and open discussions about the challenges they face.

Building on our research, in 2023, following the implementation of the Extended Well-being of Teachers Project, we conducted a study titled “Analysis of the Efficiency of the Extended Well-being of Teachers Project.” The analysis revealed a significant increase in both the overall level of well-being and the scores on three out of the six subscales (control over the external environment, positive relationships with others, and self-acceptance) between Stage 1 and Stage 2 when practical activities to support teachers’ well-being were implemented.

What is well-being in education?

The concept of “well-being in education” represents a balance between physical, mental, and emotional health, shaped by a profound connection between individuals and the environments they belong to. It goes beyond the absence of illness, manifesting as a state of prosperity and satisfaction reflected in the quality of life and the ability to cope with daily challenges.

Well-being is constructed based on aspects such as personal health, healthy relationships, personal autonomy, career satisfaction, and contribution to the community. Well-being is influenced by our daily choices, the relationships we build, and how we manage stress and changes.

In the context of education, well-being becomes an essential element, influencing not only students’ academic performance but also their adaptability and personal development. In the pursuit of excellence in education, cultivating a state of well-being becomes a fundamental objective for shaping individuals who actively and responsibly contribute to society.

Event Objectives

February – Teacher’s Well-being Month takes place from January 29 to March 1, aiming to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of physical and emotional health among teachers and students.
  • Encourage open and constructive dialogue about mental and physical health in schools.
  • Provide educational materials and practical advice for improving physical and emotional health.
  • Establish communities where the authentic voice of the teacher is heard, understood, and respected.


Event Structure

The weekly themes of the event derive from the general theme, “My Well-being Matters!“:

  • Week 1: Well-being matters (January 29 – February 4)
  • Weeks 2 and 3: Physical health matters (February 5 – February 18)
  • Weeks 4 and 5: Emotional health matters (February 19 – March 1)


During this period, we have prepared a series of resources, including webinars, live discussions, articles, tips, useful resources, and challenges:

  • Engaging webinars: Well-being experts will guide you through essential aspects of physical and emotional health.
  • Live discussions: Participate in authentic conversations about challenges and solutions encountered by teachers and students in the pursuit of well-being.
  • Educational articles: Inspirational readings and useful information to enrich your perspective on well-being.
  • Practical tips: Tools and strategies you can implement in your daily life to support your well-being.
  • Useful resources: Materials and guides that can assist you in your personal and professional journey.
  • Inspirational reflections: A moment to dedicate time to introspection on your journey toward well-being.
  • Challenges with attractive prizes: An opportunity to win prizes that bring joy and inspiration.
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