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InIm Institute is an organization that provides programs and courses for teachers, beneficial to the current educational system. Awareness of the need for health and emotional resilience is the organization’s priority, for which accredited and free resources have been created and made available to teachers, through which each teacher can discover their own state of well-being in the classroom and beyond.

The 21st century has brought new challenges, both in everyday life and in education. The stress level has increased significantly, and change is becoming a necessity.

According to the latest international studies, teachers, along with doctors and nurses, are part of the professional category with the highest level of stress at work. The pandemic has added extra pressure to an already strained system.

The current dynamics make the reformation of the educational system a real necessity, a fact that also reflects in our priority, which is reflected in the decisions and actions taken at the level of the Institute.


1,860 teachers

Starting from 2019, the first courses were held for teachers who wanted to make a change in education. During the years that followed, the number of requests from teachers increased, which led to the fact that, until now, the Happy Teachers for Romania program has been held in more than 17 counties throughout the country.



Every teacher who attended the Happy Teachers for Romania program managed to bring the mood of well-being into the classroom. The acquired knowledge, once put into practice, led to increased emotional resilience. Teaching with empathy has become the golden rule of teachers who have also noticed an improvement in students’ academic results.

despre noi impact in randul elevilor

Our goal is to build a community, in a multidimensional space, where Good Teachers and their students feel they belong. Together, we expand the qualities of mind, soul and heart that allow us to progress in personal and interpersonal development.


InIm Institute’s mission is to support and develop Good Teachers and education professionals. Through research and studies developed to date, we create programs and training courses in accordance with the progressive and interdependent educational and social changes. The dynamic requires acceptance and adaptation, totally focused on the wishes and needs identified at national and European level. As the need to reduce stress levels is increasingly emphasized, InIm Institute creates, experiments, tests and adopts teaching structures focused on the development of emotional intelligence, wisdom, solidarity and resilience.

Our values:
  • Compassion
  • Equity
  • Respect for diversity
  • Solidarity
  • Inclusion (InIm = Învățăm Împreună in Romanian Language which stands for Learning Together)


In February 2019, Transylvania College Foundation launched the Happy Teachers for Romania program. It is based on the book “The Teacher Within, A Mindful Journey Toward Well-Being For Teachers In The 21st Century.”, written by Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro, through which the two authors aimed to summarize their discoveries in the field of education, so as to help teachers develop their well-being in the relationship with themselves, as well as with those around them. As a result of the launch of the program, forty school principals and inspectors from Mureș county were invited to a presentation that aimed to emphasize the importance and urgency of prioritizing the well-being of teachers as a decisive factor in the involvement and academic results of students. We highlighted the need to introduce socio-emotional and behavioral development programs for teachers and proposed a long-term training program to support and guide teachers in discovering solutions to manage daily challenges.


By the end of 2021, our training programs have been delivered in 15 counties to a total of 1,000 graduate teachers, directly impacting 25,000 students.

All our initiatives enjoyed an unexpected success, which made us understand that the need was greater than we initially estimated, so we decided to evaluate the well-being of Romanian teachers in order to create projects aimed at their real needs. Few studies exist in Romania that analyze the well-being of teachers and its effects on teaching practices and students’ academic results. In partnership with Dr. Gilda Scarfe, founder of Positive Ed, UK, we assessed and investigated the current level of teacher’s well-being at national level using the “Teacher Flourishing Evaluation” tool belonging to the Center for Prosperity at Harvard University. See the results of the National Teacher Wellbeing Study here.


In 2022, a group of psychologists and trainers, as well as a team from the United States of America, joined InIm Institute.

Together, we aim to offer innovative and comprehensive training programs and courses, necessary for an effective, stable, sustainable relationship between teachers and students!

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Teachers' needs
Every teacher needs emotional support, to be able to manage as effectively as possible the difficult moments that appear in the classroom.
Student needs
Student academic achievement is closely related to students’ emotional health and well-being. In this context, teacher involvement is essential to guide each student’s path toward emotional health and school performance.
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The current educational environment
The instability found in the national education system can have negative effects in the short or long term. Our involvement can be one of the solutions for the formation of generations of teachers and students who are open to the unknown and eager to discover new opportunities for development.
Every donation supports the programs, courses and materials we make available to teachers, out of the desire to make the necessary change in education.