A Mindful Journey to Well-Being – Online Training

Training description 

7 weeks of online or hybrid training, held to international standards, for teachers in Romania. The course focuses on the well-being and emotional and physical health of teachers, integrating numerous materials for daily, guided individual study on a digital platform. The Training Program offers between 12-13 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits and provides you with the opportunity to develop and enhance your pedagogical skills while also contributing to your own well-being.

The program’s goal is to provide innovative courses for teachers based on neuroscience research regarding mindfulness practices, resilience, and well-being. These practices correlate self-care and kindness with emotional and physical health, which will be reflected in the behavior and academic results of students.

The course price covers the entire 7-week training period, including the cost of diplomas and materials sent. The course can be purchased by individuals or schools, as our courses are also available on the S.I.C.A.P. platform. In the case of school purchases, the number of participants should be between 25-30 individuals.


Results You Can Achieve:

  • Strategies for daily stress reduction
  • Methods and strategies for emotion management
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Increasing individual potential to rediscover enthusiasm and motivation


How It Works:

  • For the best efficiency, we recommend consistently completing the course over 7 weeks
  • Access to the platform will be granted for 8 weeks from the first course access
  • Weekly emails will guide and motivate you on this journey.


Our team is available to assist you from Monday to Friday:


Materials You’ll Have Access To:

  • Access throughout the course on the digital platform
  • Video materials for support and guidance
  • Electronic work materials with download capability
  • Audio materials for daily practice
  • Practical exercises for personal routines, with the option to use them in the classroom
  • Reflection exercises for information integration
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