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Simona Baciu is a pioneer in education, founder of InIm Institute and Transylvania College from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Confident in character and socio-emotional education, Simona wrote together with Susan Shapiro the book “The Teacher Within”, in the form of a guide for teachers who want to teach with gentleness and compassion. In 2022, Simona publishes with Susan Shapiro, The Teacher Within Guide – 100 Exercises for Well-Being”, a collection of 100 exercises for breathing, meditation, concentration and reflection, whereby, by practicing them, the teacher will become aware of himself, his values ​​and qualities, understanding the situations in which they find themselves. Speaker, trainer, writer and mentor, Simona Baciu is part of several national and international organizations, being a voice in the 21st century for education.


Simona Baciu has over 30 years of experience, participating, both at national and international events. After starting to support the emotion management trainings in Romania, Simona Baciu was invited as a trainer to numerous events dedicated to well-being in education and business, organized by: Hang Seng University Hong Kong, Tedx HSMC, World Health Organization Moscow, Carolina University of South Carolina, Columbia, etc.

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