The Teacher Within

Every day you may encounter between 20,000 and 60,000 thoughts. Most of them are negative and repetitive. The teacher within helps you channel your inner strength into positive thinking.  

A believer in character and socio-emotional education, Simona Baciu wrote with Susan Shapiro, The Teacher Within, in the form of a 100-day guide for teaching with gentleness and compassion.
The book is built on the philosophy of the A.R.A.T Effect, from Awareness, to Recognition of thoughts and emotions, to Actions and Transformation.

Awareness of You

It is the first step to understanding personal needs and focuses on self-knowledge together with the development of self-awareness.

Recognition of thoughts and emotions

It contributes to self-analysis and the transformation of negative emotions in opportunity generators of positive results.

Mindful Actions

Teachers learn to look beyond the academic side of the classroom and develop healthy and trusting relationships with their students.


Teachers will understand their values ​​and potential and they will find their enthusiasm and motivation to teach with kindness and gentleness.
At the heart of the Happy Teachers for Romania program is the book “The Teacher Within”, which guides teachers toward the discovery of well-being, which is both necessary in the classroom and in personal life.