Well-being in schools: Connect, Belong, Be-Well

Well-being in schools: Connect, Belong, Be-Well

With 30 years of experience in the field of education, InIm Institute invites you to take part in the fifth annual event dedicated to well-being in education, “Well-Being in Schools: Connect. Belong. Be-Well.” This event is intended for school directors, school counselors, and students who are concerned with supporting socio-emotional health and a sense of belonging in the schools they are a part of.

On November 9, 2023, between 12:00 and 15:00, at 13-15 Avram Iancu Street, Cluj-Napoca, we aim to bring together the Cluj school community and build a network of schools that support the socio-emotional health of all individuals involved in the educational process: teachers, students, school directors, counselors, parents, administrative staff, and others.

During our collaborative meeting, we will focus on the following:
1.Developing an organizational culture centered on emotional safety and a sense of belonging within the school community.
2.Bullying prevention.
3.Respecting and valuing members of school communities.

Given the increasing number of individuals facing socio-emotional difficulties, our objective is to raise awareness about the need for a sense of belonging and promote the implementation of initiatives that support socio-emotional well-being throughout the entire school community in contemporary society.
Through collaborative efforts, we aim to identify the needs of school communities and create effective and sustainable strategies to support socio-emotional health and well-being in Cluj schools.

Event Agenda:
12:00-12:30: Registration & Networking
12:30-12:45: Event Opening: Well-Being in Schools – Simona Baciu, President of InIm Institute and C-EDU Education Cluster
12:45-13:00: Socio-Emotional Health and Well-Being in Schools – Cluj County School Inspectorate
13:00-13:20: Analysis of Well-Being in Romanian Schools – Otilia Calfa, Coordinator Psychologist, Training Department, InIm Institute
13:20-13:30: Break
13:30-14:30: Roundtable Discussions on “Well-Being in My School: A Benefit or a Necessity?”
14:30-15:00: Conclusions

Let us join hands and make a real impact on the well-being of our school communities. Together, we can create an environment where every member feels safe, supported, and valued. Register now, and let’s Connect, Belong, and Be-Well!

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